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About the Organization

Ladies of 3rd Thursday was created in February 2015.

We are an organization that provides resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses to level up.  Our networking style is combined with years of professionalism from many industries such as marketing, legal, financial, community engagement, and much more.  We look to see what is needed and seek out the solution with a well-skilled and highly qualified resource.

Our events are both virtual and in person.

The vision of Ladies Of 3rd Thursday is to have as many females Bosses/CEOs and just women, in general, be EMPOWERED to succeed, be EMPOWERED to help others, walk-in Faith, and SOAR in life.

We look forward to partnering with other organizations to help provide a bigger network for our members to succeed. 

When you become a member of Ladies of 3rd Thursday, you are always a VIP.

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